Simantika is a Top 100 Innovator. Congratulate Simantika

Simantika Sharma

Global Immigration Leader - Kyndryl

Simantika was nominated: For being a Global Immigration Lead and having an innovative approach to mobility

Congratulate Simantika

Making the Global Mobility Top 100 Innovators is no mean feat. Congratulate Simantika on their remarkable achievement!

On behalf of The View From The Top and the Benivo team, congratulations Simantika for being recognized in the GM Top 100 Innovators! Your nomination is extremely well deserved as your colleagues and peers in the industry will certainly agree. Congratulations again!
Simantika, thank you for your leadership in our industry! Looking forward to connecting in the new year!
Congratulations Sim! It is good to know that you are being recognized outside of Kyndryl and our legacy company! I can't wait to see that innovative spirit come to action in the things we are working on! Stay safe and blessed!
Congratulations Sim! Thank you for your leadership and looking to learning more from you as we continue to work together :)
Sim, My heartiest congratulations on touching new Heights, and Wishing you even more success in the future!
Many Congratulations Sim! This is huge! Wishing you all the very best in future endeavors. Take care & I wish you lots of success in the future. Iam lucky to be part of such a fabulous team:-)
Congratulations Sim, This took persistence, commitment, and an immense amount of talent. Thank you for being my mentor I am not only proud of you but amazed at what you can do. You rock!
Congratulations Sim! Really happy to see your name here. No one can compare to your creativity and passion, and it's no surprise that you've become so successful
Congratulations, Sim! Your partnership with us has been invaluable, not a surprise you are among the top mobility professionals of the year. Wishing you an even more successful 2023 ahead!
Congratulations Sim !! I can safely say you are one of the best mobility professionals I have had the chance to work with ! You have an incredible wealth of knowledge and it has been a pleasure working with you. Here’s to even better years ahead!
Many congratulations simantika! Our team all love working with you :))

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Ezeibe Agomo

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Christopher Chalk

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Liz Cox

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Claudia Derp

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Manon Dumas

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Tracy Figliola

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Marketa Galicova

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Kerwin Guillermo

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Karen Hale

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Sally Harris

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Ben Harrison

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Rachel Henson

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Shaun Iredale Avatar
Shaun Iredale

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Arjun Jonnalagadda

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Karen Kazery

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Rebecca Kelly

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Sebastian Klaus

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Trish MacDonald

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Scherezade Maestre

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Nirala Maharaj

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Lynne Mecca

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Keryn Mendes

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Nicole Milman

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Bjoern Minx

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Iva Mizerova

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Rina Montalvo

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Robyn Murray

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Verushka Naidoo

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Samantha O'Shea

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Carla Oliveira

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Enno Ommen

Global Mobility - Assignment Managment & Cross Functions

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Davat Oneal-chambers

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Nana Yaa Oppong

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Karen O’Brien

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Dan Pannullo

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Troy Pariag

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Laura Parkin

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Rachel Parsons

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Keelcy Perez Woolley Avatar
Keelcy Perez Woolley

US Immigration Partner

Lori Prokash Avatar
Lori Prokash

HR, Global Mobility and Immigration

Darren Puddephatt Avatar
Darren Puddephatt

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Andrea Rappe Avatar
Andrea Rappe

Immigration Manager

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Jane Rhodes

Head of Global Mobility and Cross Border Compliance

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Susanne Seefeldt

Global Mobility - Talent Management Lead

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Alisa Sender

Global Immigration Team Leader

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Pradeep Setlur

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Simantika Sharma

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Ben Slonecki

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Divinia Sood-Blasse

VP Global Mobility Lead -EMEA

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Dawn Sparling

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Annette Späth

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Ashok Sreekumar

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Graham stapleton

Mobility Lead

Andreas Strohschein Avatar
Andreas Strohschein

Sr. Director, Enterprise Reward Partner, Mobility

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Satish Sundaram

Senior Manager Global Immigration

Shazy Tan Avatar
Shazy Tan

Senior Manager, Global Mobility

Kate Tarnowski Avatar
Kate Tarnowski

Global Mobility Partner, Manager

Terri Teuscher Avatar
Terri Teuscher

Senior Mobility Specialist

Rebecca Tran Avatar
Rebecca Tran

Global Mobility/International HR Operations Manager

Deanna Trevino Avatar
Deanna Trevino

Manager, Global Mobility

Justyna Truszkowska-wadi Avatar
Justyna Truszkowska-wadi

Innovation Manager Global Mobility

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Carine Uberall

Head of UK International Mobility

Vini Valverde Avatar
Vini Valverde

Director, Global Mobility

Radhika Vinayagam Avatar
Radhika Vinayagam

Specialist - Immigration Services

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Carolyn Volovsek

Director-Global Mobility and Immigration

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Nicolai Wassman

Global Mobility Manager

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Yukiko Watanabe

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Karen Welch

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Claire Whieldon Avatar
Claire Whieldon

Global Reward Programmes Director

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Joanne Wong

Senior Consultant Global Mobility

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