The Global Mobility Top 100 

2023 Community Champions

Ashli Aldrich Avatar
Ashli Aldrich

Talent Mobility Manager

Matt Allis Avatar
Matt Allis

Senior Talent Mobility Consultant

Prasanna Aravamudhan Avatar
Prasanna Aravamudhan

Senior Principal - Global Immigration

Asia Arbolante Avatar
Asia Arbolante

Head of Global Mobility & Immigration

Kayla Arroyave Avatar
Kayla Arroyave

Senior Global Mobility Specialist

Suresh Balan Avatar
Suresh Balan

COE Head & Associate Director

Cassi Bauer Avatar
Cassi Bauer

Global Human Resources Professional

Sarah Beck Avatar
Sarah Beck

Director, Global Mobility

Sandy Beyer Avatar
Sandy Beyer

Director, Global Talent Mobility

Devika Bhagwandas Avatar
Devika Bhagwandas

Regional Global Mobility Manager, Americas

Maria Bouwsma Avatar
Maria Bouwsma

Senior Global Mobility Manager

Robert Brizuela Avatar
Robert Brizuela

Sr. Global Mobility Manager

Krista Caldwell Avatar
Krista Caldwell

Principal Global Mobility and Immigration Partner

Christopher Chalk Avatar
Christopher Chalk

Global Mobility Leader

Deb Convery Avatar
Deb Convery

Head of Talent Mobility

Sarah Cuppen Avatar
Sarah Cuppen

Global Mobility & Immigration Partner - EMEA

Kyle D'Souza Avatar
Kyle D'Souza

Global Mobility & Immigration Director

Kristen Dardani Avatar
Kristen Dardani

Global Executive Vice President, Talent Mobility & Careers

Elodie Davignon Avatar
Elodie Davignon

Senior Director, Immigration, Mobility & HR Compliance Programs

Niels Dral Avatar
Niels Dral

Global Mobility Advisor

Kai Du Avatar
Kai Du

Supplier Manager - People Operations

Carole Ellenberg Avatar
Carole Ellenberg

Director, Global Mobility Programs and Integration

Olu Euba Avatar
Olu Euba

Associate Director, Global Talent Mobility

Stephen Ferrer Avatar
Stephen Ferrer

Talent Mobility Program Manager

Tracy Figliola Avatar
Tracy Figliola

Head of Global HR Operation and Global Mobility & Immigration

Jenn Fontaine Avatar
Jenn Fontaine

Senior Analyst, Global Mobility

Meike Geiken Avatar
Meike Geiken

Head of Global Framework, Global Mobility Management

Saju George Avatar
Saju George

Vice President

Juan Carlos Gonzalez Avatar
Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Senior Director

Kim Griffith Avatar
Kim Griffith

Manager, Global Talent Mobility

Jean Grossman Avatar
Jean Grossman

Director, Global Mobility

Karen Hale Avatar
Karen Hale

Senior Manager, Global Mobility

Sachindra Hande Avatar
Sachindra Hande

Deputy General Manager - Global Mobility Process

Praveen Hebbale Avatar
Praveen Hebbale

Vice President

Neil Heline Avatar
Neil Heline

Head of Global Mobility

Michali Henig Avatar
Michali Henig

Head of Global Mobility

Billy Ho Avatar
Billy Ho

Board Member: Corporate Advisor

Michelle Holl Avatar
Michelle Holl

Global vendor manager

Jeff Houck Avatar
Jeff Houck

Director Global Mobility

Khadeeja Islam Avatar
Khadeeja Islam

Head of Global Mobility

Jack Jampel Avatar
Jack Jampel

HR Senior Manager Global Mobility

Lara Jenkins Avatar
Lara Jenkins

Relocation Manager

Elizabeth Keller Avatar
Elizabeth Keller

Head - International Mobility & Immigration

Ray Kirby Avatar
Ray Kirby

Sr. Manager, Global Mobility

Nidia Knight Avatar
Nidia Knight

Group General Manager - International HR

Jayashree Kotian Avatar
Jayashree Kotian

Global Head - International Mobility

David Koziol Avatar
David Koziol

Senior Director, Global Mobility

Jan Lequier Avatar
Jan Lequier

Director, Relocation Services

Irene Lopez Canellas Avatar
Irene Lopez Canellas

Senior Global Mobility Specialist – EMEA

June Mahadevan Avatar
June Mahadevan

VP Global Mobility Lead - APAC and India

Sushma Manoor Avatar
Sushma Manoor

Senior Manager - Global Mobility

Mirela Marin Avatar
Mirela Marin

Director Global Mobility

Tanya Mariottini Avatar
Tanya Mariottini

Director, Global Mobility

Elizabeth Martin Avatar
Elizabeth Martin

Global Mobility Partner

Claire Mcdonagh Avatar
Claire Mcdonagh

Global Mobility UK Lead

Jake Medina Avatar
Jake Medina

Senior Manager, Global Mobility

Nicole Milman Avatar
Nicole Milman

Head of Global Mobility (Executive Director)

Lisandra Mioni-Green Avatar
Lisandra Mioni-Green

Associate Director, Global Mobility & Immigration

Ana Monsalve Avatar
Ana Monsalve

Talent Mobility Senior Manager

Rina Montalvo Avatar
Rina Montalvo

Director HR Operations

Lisa Mulholland Avatar
Lisa Mulholland

Director, Global Mobility

Zara Najam Avatar
Zara Najam

Senior Mobility Specialist, Immigration Strategy & Operations

Karen Obrien Avatar
Karen Obrien

Senior Manager Global Mobility, EMEA & Greater Asia

Paul Onitsuka Avatar
Paul Onitsuka

Senior Director, Global Mobility

Stephanie Ortiz-Minami Avatar
Stephanie Ortiz-Minami

Manager, Global Mobility

Betsy Ortolano Avatar
Betsy Ortolano

Manager, Global Mobility & Immigration

Stephen Park Avatar
Stephen Park

International Mobility Centre

Amy Parrent Avatar
Amy Parrent

Head of Global Mobility and Recognition

Narendra Parthasarathy Avatar
Narendra Parthasarathy

Associate Director | Global Mobility Leader

Priya Pendharkar Avatar
Priya Pendharkar

Group Global Mobility Director

Michael Piker Avatar
Michael Piker

Global DE&I & Reward Director

Paul Polsin Avatar
Paul Polsin

Global Mobility and Immigration Manager

Tammy Purdy Avatar
Tammy Purdy

Sr. Advisor, Relocation and Immigration

Petra Ray Avatar
Petra Ray

Global Mobility Program Manager

Lizette Reiss Avatar
Lizette Reiss

Global Mobility Analyst

Sylvia Salazar Avatar
Sylvia Salazar

Senior Manager, Global Mobility

Rafaela Schleifer Mente Avatar
Rafaela Schleifer Mente

International Mobility Consultant - EMEA

Pradeep Setlur Avatar
Pradeep Setlur

Vice President -HR , International Mobility and Immigration

Lisa Sezto-Ip Avatar
Lisa Sezto-Ip

Global Mobility Leader

Heather Sheira Avatar
Heather Sheira

Sr. Director, Talent Mobility

Tricia Sirois Avatar
Tricia Sirois

Senior Manager, Global Mobility

Ben Slonecki Avatar
Ben Slonecki

Senior Mobility Specialist

Blythe Sparacino Avatar
Blythe Sparacino

Global Mobility Manager

Annette Späth Avatar
Annette Späth

Head of global CoE Global Mobility

Andreas Strohschein Avatar
Andreas Strohschein

Sr. Director, Enterprise Reward Partner, Mobility

Melissa Sudano Avatar
Melissa Sudano

Director, Mobility & Benefits

Naoe Sudo Avatar
Naoe Sudo

Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition CoE

Jaime Urquhart Avatar
Jaime Urquhart

Global Mobility - Sr. Associate

Vini Valverde Avatar
Vini Valverde

Director, Global Mobility

Carolyn Volovsek Avatar
Carolyn Volovsek

Director-Global Mobility and Immigration

Mohit Vyas Avatar
Mohit Vyas

Head of Global Mobility Operations

Deng Wan Koh Avatar
Deng Wan Koh

Head of Telenor GO

Patti Warner Avatar
Patti Warner

Senior Global Mobility Advisor

Janice Wass Avatar
Janice Wass

Head of Global Mobility

Yuki Watanabe Avatar
Yuki Watanabe

Head of Global Mobility and interim Head of People Operations

Michelle Windhausen Avatar
Michelle Windhausen

Immigration and Mobility Manager, North America

Jessica Wyatt Avatar
Jessica Wyatt

Senior HR Program Manager

Linda Yanoska Avatar
Linda Yanoska

Head of Global Workforce Mobility

Shumin Yeo Avatar
Shumin Yeo

Sr Manager, Global Mobility (US, EMEA, Asia)

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