Kristen is a Top 100 Global Mobility Rising Star. Congratulate Kristen

Kristen Warburton

EMEA Immigration Specialist - Amazon

Congratulate Kristen

Making the Global Mobility Top 100 Rising Stars is no mean feat. Congratulate Kristen on their remarkable achievement!

On behalf of The View From The Top and the Benivo team, congratulations Kristen for being recognised in the GM Top 100 Rising Stars! Your nomination is extremely well deserved as your colleagues and peers in the industry will certainly agree. Well done.
Much kudos to you from all of us here at AIRINC EMEA
Love this! Congratulations Kristen - I always knew you would go on to do great things, well done

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Jade Adelekan Avatar
Jade Adelekan

Global Mobility & Immigration Specialist Consultant

Nisha Agarwal Avatar
Nisha Agarwal

Global Mobility Manager- Tax and Payroll

Sara Alpert Avatar
Sara Alpert

Global Mobility Specialist

Amanda Ang Avatar
Amanda Ang

AVP - Global Mobility

Doyinsola Aribo Avatar
Doyinsola Aribo

Assistant General Counsel

Kayla Arroyave Avatar
Kayla Arroyave

Global Mobility Associate

Bojan Balaban Avatar
Bojan Balaban

Program Manger, Equity Compensation

Beau Beckham Avatar
Beau Beckham

International Mobility Process Manager II

Kelli Boucher Avatar
Kelli Boucher

Global Mobility Manager

Caoimhe Brassil Avatar
Caoimhe Brassil

Global Mobility & Immigration Associate

Jessica Bravo Avatar
Jessica Bravo

Global Mobility Specialist

Shannon Brown Avatar
Shannon Brown

Global Mobility Consultant | Project Management | International Assignment Management

Cheyenne Bryant Avatar
Cheyenne Bryant

Domestic and International Mobility Specialist

Janine Burdett Avatar
Janine Burdett

Global Mobility Specialist

Carla Campbell-Smith Avatar
Carla Campbell-Smith

Global Mobility Principal

Paula Capilla Avatar
Paula Capilla

Talent Mobility Program Manager Americas

Laura Castrellon Avatar
Laura Castrellon

Mobility Manager

Victoria Cheng Avatar
Victoria Cheng

Mobility Partner Program Manager

Eisen Cheung Avatar
Eisen Cheung

Manager Cross Border Employment

Petra Chmel Avatar
Petra Chmel

Global Mobility Regional Manager - Asia and Pacific

Stephanie Coon Avatar
Stephanie Coon

International Mobility - Program Manager II

Kevin Couillet Avatar
Kevin Couillet

International Mobility Business Partner

Sarah Cuppen Avatar
Sarah Cuppen

Global Mobility Specialist EMEA

Veronica Davis Avatar
Veronica Davis

Global Mobility Manager

Maria DeLorenzo Freeman Avatar
Maria DeLorenzo Freeman

Relocation Specialist

Nirav Desai Avatar
Nirav Desai

Global Talent Mobility Design Manager

Lori Dixon Avatar
Lori Dixon

Senior Manager, Global Learning and Mobility Services

Madelein Ferreira Avatar
Madelein Ferreira

Specialist Global Mobility

Catherine Fonseca Avatar
Catherine Fonseca

HR Global Mobility Specialist

Marnie Fox Avatar
Marnie Fox

Global Mobility Manager

Ana Franca Avatar
Ana Franca

Team Lead Mobility H2R

Monika Gajewska Avatar
Monika Gajewska

Global Mobility Business Consultant Europe

Enrique Garcia Avatar
Enrique Garcia

Sr. Manager, Global Talent Mobility

Orla Gray Avatar
Orla Gray

Global Mobility Manager

Perry Hales Avatar
Perry Hales

Talent Deployment Manager

Sally Harris Avatar
Sally Harris

Global Domestic Relocation Design Manager

Valeria Harris Avatar
Valeria Harris

Talent Mobility Operations Leader, EMEA

Ivanna Herrera Avatar
Ivanna Herrera

Mobility Associate Manager

Edlira Hoxha Avatar
Edlira Hoxha

Global Mobility

Viktoryia Johnson Avatar
Viktoryia Johnson

HR Consultant - Global Mobility & Immigration

Sagar Kalburgi Avatar
Sagar Kalburgi

Global Mobility Consultant + Manager

Rebecca Kelly Avatar
Rebecca Kelly

Senior Global Mobility Program Manager

Payal Khakhria Avatar
Payal Khakhria

Global Mobility Business Partner

Jutta Klein Avatar
Jutta Klein

Team Lead Talent Acquisition CEE & Expert People Mobility

Jasmina Krpo Avatar
Jasmina Krpo

Senior Analyst, International Payroll and Domestic Mobility

Stephanie Lewis-Smith Avatar
Stephanie Lewis-Smith

UK Mobility Specialist

Wenting Liang Avatar
Wenting Liang

Global Mobility Associate

Yakov Libman Avatar
Yakov Libman

Global Mobility Specialist

Mobina Mahmood Avatar
Mobina Mahmood

Employment Tax Manager

Zuri McCarter Avatar
Zuri McCarter

US Immigration Partner

Giovanna Mendes Avatar
Giovanna Mendes

Global Mobility People Partner | Coordenadora de Mobilidade Global

Victoria Messer Avatar
Victoria Messer

Relocation & Onboarding Manager

Thais Mikuni Avatar
Thais Mikuni

Global Mobility Manager Latam

Sarah Moon Avatar
Sarah Moon

Talent Mobility Consultant

Melissa Moravec Avatar
Melissa Moravec

Team Leader, Relocation

Silvia Navone Avatar
Silvia Navone

Global Mobility Specialist

Janine Nichols Avatar
Janine Nichols

Manager, Mobility Effectiveness

Stephanie Owens Avatar
Stephanie Owens

Global Mobility Manager

Rafael Oyakawa Avatar
Rafael Oyakawa

Global Mobility Specialist

Alex Paddington Avatar
Alex Paddington

Senior Specialist, EMEA & Africa

Adina Pergament Avatar
Adina Pergament

Executive Relocation Specialist

Magdalena Podeszwa Avatar
Magdalena Podeszwa

EMEA Immigration Lead

Amanda Pritt Avatar
Amanda Pritt

Relocation Specialist

Matthew Ravens Avatar
Matthew Ravens

Global Mobility Partner

Jennifer Resch Avatar
Jennifer Resch

Senior Expert Global Mobility

Debora Riemens Avatar
Debora Riemens

Global Mobility Advisor

Sarah Roeder Avatar
Sarah Roeder

Talent Mobility Specialist

Andrea Ruiz Avatar
Andrea Ruiz

Global Mobility Americas Regional Manager

Emily Rust Avatar
Emily Rust

Sr. Program Manager, Talent Mobility

Malika Salimova Avatar
Malika Salimova

Mobility & Immigration Manager (U.S. & Canada)

Tammy San Avatar
Tammy San

Global Mobility Coordinator

Emily Schlomann Avatar
Emily Schlomann

Director, Mobility & Employee Policy

Ernest Sherman Avatar
Ernest Sherman

Accounting Payroll Manager

Khrisha Sidhwani Avatar
Khrisha Sidhwani

Consultant - Global Mobility Operations (North America Region)

Benedict Slonecki Avatar
Benedict Slonecki

Mobility Specialist

Dominic Smith Avatar
Dominic Smith

Global Mobility & Immigration Lead

Ollie Southey Avatar
Ollie Southey

HR Professional, RTW & Immigration

Jennifer Splinter Avatar
Jennifer Splinter

Immigration Manager

Olga Staniuk Avatar
Olga Staniuk

Director Talent Mobility

Madison Stanley Avatar
Madison Stanley

Global Mobility Project Manager

Bailey Starr Avatar
Bailey Starr

Operations Specialist - HR Ops

Petra Stracey Avatar
Petra Stracey

Senior Consultant

Satish Sundaram Avatar
Satish Sundaram

Senior Manager Global Immigration

Sheena Tan Avatar
Sheena Tan

Global Mobility Specialist

Elizabeth Thompson Avatar
Elizabeth Thompson

Senior Associate, Global Mobility

Elia Torres Avatar
Elia Torres

Global Mobility Operations Manager

Hakkan Turan Avatar
Hakkan Turan

Global Mobility Manager

Sarah Van Melis Avatar
Sarah Van Melis

Global Mobility Advisor

Emily Vanhoof Avatar
Emily Vanhoof

Global Mobility Lead

Elisa Velarde Avatar
Elisa Velarde

Mobility Specialist

Radhika Vinayagam Avatar
Radhika Vinayagam

Immigration Specialist

Erin Walters Avatar
Erin Walters

Senior Manager, Global Mobility - Americas FTEs & Global Intern Program

Kristen Warburton Avatar
Kristen Warburton

EMEA Immigration Specialist

Elizabeth Wells Avatar
Elizabeth Wells

Sr. Specialist, HR Programs

Felicity White Avatar
Felicity White

Global Head of Payroll, Benefits & Mobility

Alyssa Williamson Avatar
Alyssa Williamson

Sr. Associate Global Mobility

Natasha Wilson Avatar
Natasha Wilson

Human Resources (International Mobility) Consultant

Keelcy Woolley Avatar
Keelcy Woolley

US Immigration Partner

Desmond Yam Avatar
Desmond Yam

Total Rewards Manager & Talent Deployment, JAPAC & MEA

Yuliya Yankova Avatar
Yuliya Yankova

Senior manager HR Rewards

Rising Stars Nominees can be any in-house corporate Global Mobility professional who is either under the age of 35 OR who has less than 10 years mobility experience. The Top List is peer-to-peer nominated.

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